SUPERRES is creating a suite of AI technologies that enables next-gen audio search, analysis and processing.

Our unique AI models understand music in a human way, creating a new approach to music discovery, recommendation and quality enhancement.


SUPERRES is developing a new approach to audio processing, analysis and enhancement. Breakthroughs in AI make it possible for computers to understand and interact with music in some of the ways humans do. This opens the door for new approaches to content discovery and recommendation, acoustic search and audio production.

SUPERRES can be used to isolate voices or instruments from songs, search for specific sounds and discover similar content, improve the quality of your audio and transcribe audio.

SUPERRES will service both consumers and enterprise for a range of applications across the entertainment industry.

SUPERRES is using AI to understand music from only its raw sound.

How it works

Our process to navigating audio libraries in a new and human way uses distinct AI technologies including:


SUPERRES was founded by Meaghan White, Lindsay Watt and Chris Gage with Mawson in July 2018. SUPERRES has obtained angel funding from Mawson and has been invited to participate in Techstars Music 2019, a leading US accelerator program.

Meg White


Meg is the CEO at SUPERRES. She is a recovering music journalist, editor and ethical hacker. She has a Bachelor of Journalism (majoring in popular music and PR) and is in the process of completing her electrical engineering honours (majoring in signal analysis and robotics).

Elliott Flowers


Elliott manages Business Development at SUPERRES. Elliott has experience in analytics and sales with Bloomberg, and undergraduate consulting projects for firms including WalMart, Equinor, L’Oreal and Central Group. Elliott holds Bachelors in Law (Honours) and Business (Finance).

Lindsay Watt


Lindsay is the CTO at SUPERRES. Lindsay came to SUPERRES after successfully founding an educational robotics company and leading its electronics design team. He has a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical & Software).

Chris Gage

Lead Engineer

Chris is the Lead Engineer at SUPERRES. Before joining the team, Chris' work was in modelling and simulation for technologies like CRISPR and VR. Chris has a Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours) specialising in Computer Science.

SUPERRES has obtained angel funding from Mawson and Techstars, and is currently participating in Techstars Music 2019.


If you’re interested in learning more, or discussing how our AI can integrate with your existing catalogue or artist discovery tools, please contact our team.



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